Speech Pathologists are allied health professionals specialising in communication and swallowing disorders.

Speech Pathologists provide assessment, therapy, and management from newborn babies across to the later stages of life. Speech Pathologists assess and manage children and adults requiring assistance in several areas including, speech, language, voice, fluency, mealtime management, literacy, and alternative / augmentative communication.

At Aura Speech Pathology, we focus specifically on supporting children and adults presenting with speech, language, voice and orofacial myology disorders. Please see below for more information on these range of practice areas.


Speech refers to the way we say sounds in words. We support speech sound delays and disorders by conducting assessments and therapy. If your child has difficulty producing a sound, or swapping one sound for another, we can identify these errors, and work with your child towards clear and confident speech.


A voice disorder occurs when the pitch, loudness, or quality of the voice distracts from what the speaker is saying. 

Voice therapy involves patient-centered treatment methods that modify behaviors that contribute to voice disorders. 


Language is made up of both receptive skills and expressive skills. Receptive language refers to how we comprehend and understand words and sentences. Expressive language refers to how we use words and sentences. 

Orofacial Myology

Orofacial Myology is the identification and treatment of myofunctional disorders: disorders whereby the face, tongue, and jaw muscles are not functioning as intended. Myofunctional disorders disrupt the growth and development of the craniofacial anatomy and dentition and have been shown to disrupt neurotransmitter function. Muscles dictate where bones develop. If bones are not developing where they should, the muscles must be re-educated in order to achieve the desired outcome.



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